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Bit of Wood Match Play: The Rules

The Holders will be challenged by The Challengers.

The Holders are the two people who won or retained the trophy last time

The Challengers are a new combination of two people who have not lost to the Holders before so that the same two ball may not challenge twice in a row unless it is convenient.


The match may be over 18 or 36 holes and may or may not involve an overnight stay. It can be anywhere, except that it must be on a golf course. (Video, simulations, indoor etc are not allowed). Other activities on the tour are allowed for the "Supplementary Bit of Wood".


For some strange reason, the Handicap allowance is seven eights from the lowest handicap of the four ball.


Eligible Participants are defined as anyone who has ever been on the French or Turkish tours or anyone who has ever played in a Gritters Invitation day.


The challengers must win the match to gain the trophy. In the event of a tie, the trophy is retained by the holders.

The holders should defend the trophy within 3 months of winning it or retire automatically as undefeated. Any two pairs will then be free to challenge for the trophy. (If match is halved, then either sudden death down 19th or putting green or declare null....Should a new pair include one of the holders then the rule about a halve retains comes into force)

More rules will be invented or existing ones changed as it suits us.

The Gritters "Bit of Wood" trophy four ball match play event matches to date


Match Date Winners Losers Venue Holes Score
1 Sept 2011 T.C. and Short Stuff Ian & Darrell Sandiway 36 1 up
2 Jan 2012 T.C. and Short Stuff Neal & Tippy Copt Heath 18 2/1
3 Feb 2012 T.C. & Short Stuff (Ret) Cock & Winnie Edgbaston 18 Halved
4 March 2012 Cash & Fairground T.C. & Shorts Copt Heath 18 3/2
5 April 2013 T.C. and Winnie Fairground and Ian* Stratford 18 2/1
6 April 2013 Swede and Shorts T.C and Winnie Copt Heath 18 1 up
7 May 2013 Swede and Shorts Mayers & Tully Belek Sultan 18 2/1
8 May 2013 T.C. and Darrell Swede and Short Edgbaston 18 6/5
9 Oct 2013 T.C. and Darrell Winnie and Swede Edgbaston 18 1 up
10 April 2014 T.C. and Swede* Ian and Winnie Blackwell 18 1 up
11 May 2014 Camp and Nick T.C. and Darrell Carya 18 3/2
12 May 2014 Darrell and Mayers Camp and Nick International 18 2up
13 May 2016 Swede and Winnie T.C. and Ian Edgbaston 18 2/1

                 most wins = T.C. with Seven

                 most losses = Ian with Four