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Playing golf in France?  Then this is the site for you!


" ce qui est celui faire avec le prix des poissons " or "Bu nasıl ile ilgili fiyat balık mı"?


We are golfers of mixed ability who nip out for a few rounds of drinks and some golf every year.


As a popular guitar based pop combo once said "A splendid time is guaranteed for all".                       


 Who goes on this trip?  


The various active members of the Gritters Golf Society are:


Ian Clarke:

A man of huge abilities and talents, actor, writer, musician, teacher, statesman and genius yet a truly humble person:  "Clarkie" (Coincidentally, the main author of this web site).


Tim Clarke:

Brilliant on the mouth organ, usually plays his second from behind some dustbins, deadly from 50 yards and a fabulous streak putter  "T.C."


Chris Roach:

Can't chip, can't putt, can't dance but can sing a little "Cock"


John Mayers:

First at the bar and last to leave it, knows everyone in the world personally, "Tippy"


Tony Graddon:

Stableford points card resembles the phone number of a Glasgow chip shop "Short Stuff"


Darrell Fone:

Hits it miles with a swing as flat as something really very flat and chucks up on your carpet, "Dazz"


Steve Winyard:

Has the singing voice of an angel and hits a 7 iron 230 yards. Easily the most easily led astray "Winny"


Neal Gooding:

The best golfer, certainly the best dressed, if only he could sing. "The Swede"


Mark Graham:

The one most likely to think about food and solve your swing issues. "Porky"


David Parry

Awfully decent chap, solid golfer, perfect gentleman, take him home to meet your mom. "Camp"


Nick George:

The son of a Covent garden Street performer and a Russian Countess. "Chicken"



Note that applications are now open for Honorary Gritters.

Simply take the Personality Test and apply............

See Tour Members page where you will see profiles of everyone who is going and who has ever been.

Please email us as we love to hear from you. if you want advice on where to stay or which courses to play, or you simply want to tell us how lovely we all are, just email us. Every email gets answered. Click here >>>>>> email the Gritters






We are all in our forties, fifties and sixties (apart from Tippy whose age is the fifth derivative of a counter rotating spatial algorithm) and we like to gamble for the odd Euro or two and we love to sing a song in the bar, eat great food, make fun of each other (as this web site aims to do)  and generally have a fabulous time. (oh yes, and play some golf).

We have all been friends for many years and, although we all play golf together at various times throughout the year, we do this special trip but just once a year.

This particular event  has a history dating back to 1990 and because we have enjoyed it all so much, we thought we would share it around a little.

oui, il n'y a aucune banane en notre possession,

l ne sont aucune banane en notre possession aujourd'hui

To Contact us directly email to : EMAIL TO THE GRITTERS



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arguing about a non


payment of a green




"Il n'est pas facile toujours d'avoir un bon temps"